An aromatherapy massage uses essential oils from plants to heal, alleviate pain and regulate mood. Aromatherapy massage requires the blending of therapeutic essential oils in pure vegetable oil, like almond or grape seed, then direct application to the body by way of massage is applied.

Essential oils penetrate the skin and enter blood stream allowing them to aid the body in a variety of ways ranging from relaxation to increased energy dependant on the blend of oils.

The fragrance of essential oils may be calming and sedating helping to overcome anxiety or hyperactivity. Essential oils can also help protect the immune system against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.


Oils can be blended to help :


     Relax aching muscles

     Ease cramps

     Speed recovery of sprains/strains

     Ease spasm

     Improve and support circulation

     Strengthen connective tissues and ligaments

     Improve conditions like tendonitis and rheumatism


As part of the first treatment a full consultation is required to establish how you are feeling at the time. This will contribute towards the selection of an individual blend of essential oils to meet your individual needs

     60 min - $115