Hot Stone

Hot stone therapy has been an ancient healing practice used by many cultures for thousands of years and many approaches have been developed. We use an ancient therapy that combines the benefits of massage with a careful application of heat and sometimes stimulating coldness.
Smooth, polished lava stones of various kinds and sizes are placed on the body including the spine, hands and feet. The placement and use of these stones are incorporated into a full-body massage and some sessions may also combine other massage modalities, such as Swedish or Trigger Point work.
The use of stones allows the therapist to work deeper into the tissue and the time spent warming up the areas promotes relaxation and tranquility. Hot Stone massage soothes the tension from your body and can be very effective for chronic pain and muscles that have been over worked or overused. Hot Stone massage goes beyond typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation and is described as "being blessed, balanced and cradled by Mother Earth."
Hot Stone massage is extremely detoxifying and hydration is important, not only after but also before a hot stone session. Being well hydrated before and drinking plenty of water after a session will help flush out the released toxins in your system and enhance the therapeutic benefits of hot stone.
         60 min - $115