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Thai Bodywork is a unique way to melt away tension and improve flexibility that was first practiced more than 2000 years ago in Thailand to address the shoulder, back and hip pain associated with grueling work of harvesting rice in the rice paddies. It is a deeply relaxing and detoxifying modality.
Performed on a Thai floor mat, instead of a massage table, you wear your own loose athletic clothing and enjoy the loosening and opening of your joints that result from a combination of passive stretches and relaxing compressions. There is often a sense of the body lengthening during a Thai Bodywork session.
Thai Bodywork is perfect for people with tight hips, such as runners, bikers and skiers. It is also beneficial for those with upper and lower back pain or arthritic stiffness. It tones the muscles and strengthens the joints.
This is also a great form of bodywork for people who are new to bodywork or who are uncomfortable disrobing for a bodywork since clients are fully dressed for Thai Bodywork session.
If you enjoy stretching or want to achieve the benefits of improved flexibility and mobility, this modality is for you.

    50 min - $119       80 min - $169       100 min - $229