Massage room rentals

      We KNOW how difficult it is to start a massage Business and build clientele, so we have set up a bunch of different options to make it easier for you to grow your business!

Pay by the hour plan details :::::::::

      If you are just starting your own business of transitioning from another location, you have the option of choosing to start at an Hourly Room Rental rate of $10 hour, and then switch to a monthly plan when you have built up some clientele. It is a higher hourly rate than if you pay monthly, but you only pay as you have a client, so this is a fantastic way to start your own practice without a huge monthly room rental commitment! (When I first started my Massage in July, 2010, T rented a TINY shared room in a Salon for $660/month which was tough as I had no initial clients, but I had that monthly commitment! I would have loved to have found a Rent By the Hour Room to ease the transition from a JOB to a CAREER!)

///   Pay by the Hourly : The Hourly Rate of $9 hour for any clients   ///


:::::::::::::::::: YOuR THAI HEALING ARTS CENTER VIEW PROVIDE ::::::::::::::::::


  - Fully furnisher professional looking rooms.
  - Massage Music in each room.
  - Rent includes all utilities (garbage, water, gas & electric).
Bottled Water for Clients and Therapists.
  - Sheets - I’ll do the laundry, and have clean sheets on hand each day!
  - Massage Lotion - i will have a variety of Massage Lotions on hand, or you can use your own if you prefer something differant. (no oils please, as it stains the sheets - If you want to use oils, just use your own sheets.)
  - You can then reserve a room manually online when you have a client. That way you can just block you room time off of our schedule, so we don’t overbook rooms. You will also able to view the other therapists schedules, and have the other therapists see when the room is being used by you.
  - A personalized page for your business on Thai Healing Arts Center website in the OTHER THERAPISTS section. My Friend Ao. does Web Design and Marketing for a living, so my site ranks VERY high on Google (PAGE 1!) and the other search engines. Your completed page will be blasted out on Facebook/Twitter/and Linkedin to around 1,500+ people. If you have and existing website, we can just link to the as well. Even if you have your own website, this will just give you more exposure, and an easier method for us to help you with you marketing.
  - While you will be an independent contractor and need to have of build you own clientele, I am typically fully booked each week, and often with a waiting list, so I may be able to refer some new client requests, emergency requests, or have you help cover some of my apointments, if I have to go do Labor massage for one of my Prenatal Clients. We have a Great group of Therapists with a variety of specialties, so we refer clients back and forth for different services that we don’t offer ourselves.
  - We are currently working a Private Section on the Thai Healing Arts Center Website designed for the renters, with lots of helpful Marketing Tips, Website Tips, Social Media Tips and Business & organizational Tips, to help you grow your Massage Practice! withe 1,000 sq.feet two years later with other therapists renting room space from me. I’m also working on creatin passive income streams on my wibsite.) Success can happen in this business, but it does take some time and effort learning how to Market your business. We want ot help you succeed!!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: YOUR REQUIREMENTS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  - Licensed Certified massage Therapist (CMT), and a City of Clark Country Business License to be on hand at the Thai Healing Arts Center.
  - Copy of Current Liability insurance (ABMP, AMTA, or other acceptable provider) to be on hand at the Thai Healing Arts Center.
  - Positive attitudes - looking for those that are passionate about the Massage Industry, and interested in pursuing and amazing CAREER vs. a JOB!
  - We do not have a Cleaning Service yet, so each Therapist is expected to tidy up their room after each use. This will assist with keeping our place as professional looking as we can!
  - Please send your resume with the basics (education, types of modalities, experience, memberships), and a cover letter that states your availability, and how many hours you are interested to,
T H A N K S  V E R Y  M U C H !!

I look forward to hearing from you!